my NaNoWriMo idea started out simply. take a planned (but never run) adventure from back when we were playing "Deadlands", file off the "Deadlands" serial numbers, and make a novel out of it.
filing off those serial numbers... yeah. that's where it got a little funky.
to make a world that wasn't "Deadlands", but in which Steampunk and Magic could coexist without it getting all messy and running down the front of my shirt...
to come up with a cast of major characters (limiting myself to eight and no matter how much they beg, no more than eight), none of which were gaming characters (the only carry-over in the characters is a prophetess referred to periodically, who was originally a character run by Empress Deb of the New Deb Order, may She reign forever), people who fit into the world, and history, i'd envisioned...
throw in homages to some of my favorite victorian sf&f without being, hopefully, too obvious about it...
all of a sudden, simple project no so simple no more.
i've got one more day to hopefully finish finalizing my notes for the story, and then November Madness begins.
:: gulp ::


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