Surfin' Dead as performed by The Cramps

Ah, my favorite brain soup -
Cream of nowhere

Ooh baby, your asphalt eater hung ten
The hoedads and gremmies say you reached top end
So do the dead, through the lights
The surfin' dead, oooh make it tight
The livin' dead now baby lose their heads
Now baby, doin' the dead

Yeah you're a high-rev hauler with all four on the floor
But your a-bone's busted and you're through the door
So do the dead, juice the Coupe
Come on the livin' dead, ooh you're in the soup
The livin' dead now baby, like I said now baby, do the dead

Your carburetor don't carb, got a hammer down this
Your generator gens but your pistons don't work
Do the dead, run for ten
The surfin dead, c'mon turn it in
The livin' dead insist, it's the latest twist, do the dead
Run run run run, now do it

Stay sick!

You square brains out there better beware

Oh this phantom driver down in the ground
You better plant 'em right or they'll come around
Move out baby, move that mound
Or they'll dig it up and they'll shut you down
So c'mon, aw c'mon, aw c'mon . . .

Now life is short and it's filled with stuff
So let me know baby when you've had enough
Oh do the dead, turn blue
Yeah the surfin' dead, as dead as you
There's nothing on the radio when you're dead
There's nothing at the movie show when you're dead
There's nowhere left for you to go when you're dead
Do the dead, yeah do the dead
Do the dead, surfin' dead

Partytime (zombie version) as performed by .45 Grave

Very young, gettin' kicks
Cruisin' around, '56
Drinkin' beer, drivin' fast
This party is their last

They'll dance on the graves
Sparin' soul, savin' slaves
They don't know the acid rain
Is comin' down to make 'em insane

Do you wanna party?
It's Partytime
We gotta party
It's Partytime

They never had the chance

Shiftin' gears, wastin' gas
This party is a blast
Paid their wage, seem to me
'That's life''s what the dead say


Nothin' For You as performed by T.S.O.L.

I got nothin' for you
You can look under my rug
I got no smack for you
You're entranced from that drug

I got no tears for you
I got nothin' to worry about
I got no fear for you no-no-no
My guns I just lay around

My body is achin' inside out
And my nose is always cold
Am I still twenty-four
Or am I starting to grow old?
Am I growin' old?

Suicide is just a state of mind
Not for me, I've got places to hide
Day to day, nights are wicked
Stealin' is my way of life
I got to pay my bills today,
Where'd I leave my knife?

I've got nothin' for you
Nothin' for you

Eyes Without a Face as performed by The Flesheaters

Born into a world that I don't understand
It's hard to get a foothold in drifting sand
Every time I look someone in the eye
They trip up and start to fall
I've been burning a candle for you oh
Private bedroom and a naive altar of unswerving faith
A tarnished wedding bracelet in a forgotten drawer
Darling, what are eyes for?
Good for love - talk inside a storm
Fucking unnoticed in a crowded room
Someone in my sight
Someone else by your side

Two pairs of eyes want to be free
To write up their history in a handful of dust
Yeah, I'm hurting inside
Sometimes you look at me and see destiny
Yeah, I'm hurting inside
Sometimes your eyes can't see no matter how close they get to me
Writing me a history of misery
My eyes without a face
Yeah, I'm hurting inside
Eyes without a face
Oh my eyes without a face
Oh my eyes without a face

I got blistered fingertips split open with blood
Unbutton my top button, my shirt is in shreds
Up for eight days straight, a trip to drop dead
So history crashes to a stop
But I kept going and didn't end
I didn't end because I can never ever end
I can never ever ever ever end
This happiness turned around inside out
Alone in the beating heart of night
Pumping blackness into my veins until any light
On your beautiful face becomes the dirtiest word

Two pairs of eyes want to be free
To write their history in a handful of dust
Yeah, I'm hurting inside
Your eyes won't go away
They follow my trail down that twisted road
Right into that world I don't understand
A bedroom buried under drifting sand,
Can they catch me? How close can you get?
Because what waits here are two burning eyes without a face
Eyes without a face
Yeah, I'm hurting inside
Eyes without a face
Eyes without a face

Burn the Flames as performed by Roky Erickson

Here I sit, a vampire at my piano
The flames burn glaringly higher
And the eyes that stare through the darkness
Though they have no form
There's no need for alarm, so burn

So burn, burn the flames
Higher and higher
So burn, burn the flames
Never to expire

Here I sit, a skeleton at my organ
The candles in my candelabra
Burn hellishly, hellish hell
And the laughter unending
Echoes through the haunted house
A little Christmas spirit
Ghostly haunting, deadly spirit
Every creature is stirring
Even the mouse, so burn

Burn the flames
Higher, higher, higher and higher

Here I sit myself at my instruments
Here they sit at their instruments
And the music fills and fills
Terrifies, horrifies, forever scares
Children of the night
What music we make, so burn

Dead Beat Dance as performed by The Damned

Dead beat souls beat Death's hammer

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Life comes to a halt
Here we waltz to the funeral, boys
Where the dancing never stops
It never stops

Dead beat souls beat Death's hammer

Out of my brains for the last time
I'm runnin' free and I feel fine
The hard times will hurt you, child
The ticket's sold as long as it's not mine
It's not mine

We know from whence he came
And we know where he goes

Dead beat souls beat Death's hammer

We know from whence he came
And we know where he goes
He'll make you scream in pain
After your death throes
After your death throes

Who knows from whence he came
And who knows where he goes?
Doctor Death
Doctor Death

Take a Walk as performed by Tall Boys

Come on baby, let's take a walk
Don't be shy, you don't have to talk
Let's go baby, come with me
Take a line to mystery

Come on baby and duck inside
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Better get movin', don't be slow
All you gotta do is go-go-go

'Don't go out!', your father cried
But you took a walk with suicide
'Don't go out!', your father cried
But you took a walk with suicide

I found out a long time ago
But I didn't have a place to go
Live for danger in the night
Live the life I know is right

Come on baby, what's to fear?
The time to come, the time is near
Don't you wait till it's too late
Take a chance and meet with fate

Love Under Will as performed by The Jet Black Berries

Yes I have my will
No fatal trespasses for me
The tree still bears a fruit of gold
It's there for the taking
Oh I rant and rave
Until I have no sense of time
Image of the future's
Just an image in your mind
Love under will
Love under will

I don't try to set myself
At odds with my own creed
To live, to work, to dwell and love
Where and who I please
Shining like the stars
Ripe like the grapes upon the vine
I will make integrity
Complete with heart and mind
Love under will
Love under will

Tonight (We'll Make Love Until We Die) as performed by SSQ

In darkness you will find me
I dance among the dead
But very soon I'll need to hunt
The scent of blood instead
Rising from your earth bed
It thickens in the air
A smell both both sweet and rancid
I know that you are near

We'll make love 'til we die
We'll make love 'til we die

I know you think I'm nasty
But I am no common girl
I once slept with the devil
It was really no big thrill
The passion of the killers
Who lie in wait for me
To show me my own meaning
I'm dead in ecstasy

I want you to seduce me
With your terror in the cold
Make love and let me bleed to death
Before I get too old
I am not your enemy
And surely not your friend
But share with me your morbid love
We are the living dead

Trash's Theme as performed by SSQ


Happy Halloween Y'all
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