of course, it being fox news, the validity of the report is potentially problematical.
If I'm being objective, which is hard where these Westboro sumbitches are concerned, then yeah, freedom of speech and assembly, they have a right to protest near/within sight of the funerals.
I don't like it. I think they're World-Class Shitheads, and as an Extremely Liberal Christian, I hate the mockery they're making of my religion.
I'm happy that people are starting to block their protests
and although I would never, ever advocate lawless behavior - when there are police around who might hear me - I'm giggling my ass of that they got their tires slashed.
I'm just wondering how long it will be before someone snaps and we end up with a real tragedy on our hands. Mixing veterans and veterans' families with these morons is a volatile process. If things don't change somehow, I'm very afraid that someday someone is going to 'send them home to Jesus'. I understand the sentiment. And while I don't worry about them becoming Martyrs - face it, Westboro's tiny (71 members in 2007) and little they do is geared to bring in more converts - I don't want to see the children of the congregation hurt, even though I have no guarantee that they could ever be returned to sanity, or something close to it. Growing up in that hate-rich environment, being taught to believe as the Church believes... I honestly don't know if there's enough therapy in the world for that.
But if the adults in the congregation were to go down in a hail of bullets, or be pureed by a claymore blast... I don't think I could find a tear for them... their children, yeah. The adults... probably not.
It's not something I'd choose for any of the congregation, if the choice were mine to make. But it is something I could very easily see happening in the future.
And I really don't want to see any grief-stricken friends or family of a dead soldier go to jail for ridding the gene pool of this scum.
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