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([personal profile] jim000037 Jan. 19th, 2011 10:30 pm)
so i'm working on 'Falling Angels' and it's already going to be solidly in 'novella' territory - even if my 2nd draft is 10% shorter than my 1st... can't really see stretching it to even the bottom of novel territory... :: sigh :: "Welcome to Novella, senor - I theenk you're going to be here a long, looong time."
(i stole that final riff from Stephen King... i think it was the intro to "Different Seasons" where he was talking about the commercial viability of novellas - that is "none")
of course, that was long before the Glorious Era of Self-Publishing made possible by the Great Internet Revolution.
Viva la Revolucion!
We will ride into Novella and free the peoples! Publishing, tequila and rifles for everyone!
(Now there's a hell of a recipe for convention party... amateurs, semi-pros, mid-listers - all drunk as hell, pissed off at having to promote themselves tirelessly to even make a pittance for their work and all of 'em packing heat. whoooo boy!)
On a more positive note, one of the very few nagging questions in the storyline resolved itself as I was writing a scene. Two characters explained the situation to me quite concretely. I thanked them for their help... especially as they're both doomed.

Elsewhere, the Oz story is almost finished, just a little more 'word count chop and slop' to go and I'll be sending it off. I shan't be sorry to see it go - it's been a problematical sumbitch.
Then it'll be time to start the next anthology submission - a superhero tale.


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