concerning Taylor Anderson's "Destroyermen" series - Taylor was a guest at the last ConDFW I attended and as is my wont, I picked up a book of his to sample his writing - "Into the Storm - Destroyermen Book 1". It had a very pretty cover (as I remember - and I'm not going to go dig it out to check right now) of a WWI destroyer cruising into heavy waves on a storm-tossed sea.
When I got back to our room, I read the description... Two U.S. four-stacker destroyers on the run from the Japanese in the spring of 1942 sail into a mysterious squall and emerge... somewhere else. Okay, so I'm having "The Final Countdown" (movie, not godawful song) flashbacks and I'm going ho-hum, we'll see.
The book fuckin' rocked my world.
Yeah it's 'modern' technology in a primitive world, but it isn't our world. No 'destroyers changing the fate of the Roman empire' type bullshit - the world they end up in isn't ours except in geological terms. Monkies didn't evolve into the dominant species - two other species did (not going to post too many spoilers). There's a lot of creativity, a lot of imagination - yeah, it's military spec fic and if that isn't your bag then you shouldn't read 'em, but if it is, then go buy the first book, give Taylor a try. Hell, he's a Texas author - that in itself ought to be enough.
This post is brought on by my joyous reading of the second book in the series (he's got the first four or five out now).
Only one problem - the man hates chapters. According to the Kindle, I'm 32% of the way through the book - just reached Chapter Two. Not that there is any shortage of paragraphs and section breaks (that lovely blank line between scenes, whatever it's called), where you can stick a bookmark in, literally or electronically, and stop for the night, but DAY-Um! A third of the book and Chapter Two...


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