rereading 'midnight in the garden of good and evil' and reached one of my most personally uncomfortable spots... i understand, and appreciate, what goes in to a good drag performance, but there are parts of the preparation that just give me the 'eeeek' face...
such as, if a gaff (look it up) is not available, duct-taping the male genitalia up between the butt cheeks...
not a pleasant prospect for any male to consider, no matter what.

so my new test for friendship is this:
If your life were threatened, would I duct-tape my junk between my cheeks to save your life?
not that i think that's a situation likely to occur, but it's as good a measure as any of my regard for you.

I'm afraid a lot of you would die.
Some of you would be very surprised to find out you'd live.
:D never ask me this question if you're not Really Sure you want the answer :D
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