First off, we have a cover - you can follow the link and see it here:
It's lovely. I am happy.

Next off, quoted here from our editor, Lee Martindale:

"*The Ladies* Will Step Out In Style

As you may or may not know, A-Kon is a huge (as in, on the close order of 20,000 attendees) anime convention held in Dallas in June. For the last ten years or so, the convention has included in its multi-track, not-just-anime programming a growing and successful writers’ track, featuring panels on the craft and business of writing science fiction, fantasy, and related genres.

I mention this because, thanks to the good folks at A-Kon, *The Ladies of Trade Town* will celebrate its official debut in high style. The convention is hosting what amounts to a Book Launch track and inviting those contributors who can join us to be part of the festivities that include a “Meet The Ladies and Gentlemen of Trade Town” panel, a mass autographing session, and a gala book launch party.

A-Kon 22 will take place June 10 - 12, 2011 at the Sheraton Dallas (formerly the Adams Mark)in downtown Dallas. All Book Launch events are scheduled for Saturday, June 12, with the panel and mass autographing on Saturday afternoon (time and location to be announced), and the Launch Party scheduled for 7:00 pm in function space on the 38th floor of the Sheraton.

As you can imagine, I was gobsmacked when the A-Kon folks said they wanted to do this. This is the kind of launch the big houses used to give their releases, and the kind of launch HarpHaven simply would not otherwise be able to pull off on its own. To see this project step out with such a send-off damn near brings me to tears.

And, folks, it is going to be a LOT of fun."

And yeah, I've already committed to attend - if need be I shall shit a way to be there. Still haven't worked out accomodations, but I've got time.
It would be very, very hard for me to express how excited I am, but you can bet your bottom dollar there has been some 'squee' heard around the house.

Oh, and to correct myself, the last post's music was by "386 Mannequins" not "365 Mannequins"
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