Struck-Me-As-A-Killer-Quote-of-the-Morning -
"There is a difference between you and me - we both looked into the Abyss, but when it looked back at us, you blinked."
- Batman to Owlman, "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"

and later on in the day - there are days i shouldn't watch 'tears of the sun'... today is evidently one of those days... one of those films that reminds me how much i wish the UN could evacuate non-combatants out of the areas of the world undergoing ethnic/tribal/racial-based strife and then just let the idiots who chose to fight kill each other off. when it's all over and the ground has soaked up all the blood, the non-combatants could be repatriated.
and yeah, there are times i think parts of our country deserves the same treatment.

so, for some charity auction several months back i bid on a book, "Nicholai" by Angelia Sparrow, because the write-up on it sounded very interesting. ended up winning the auction and the autographed copy arrived.
all well and good.
read said book - loved the world set up (a fractured North American continent whose disparate governments are manipulated by a secret council of eight individuals), loved the basic idea (one of the eight takes young men from criminal backgrounds who show promise and trains them to be operatives for this secret society), wasn't aware the author writes primarily GBLT fiction... and that's fine, her kink is not my kink, my kink is not her kink, but our kinks are okay. it was just somewhat disappointed to me that in a book with all this juicy world/idea goodness, maybe 1/8th of the story concerned said goodness - the rest was gay/BDSM erotica - pretty well-written but still not what i was looking for (or led to expect) from said book.
reminded me in ways of my experiences with Laurell K - love the Anita Blake world setup, love a lot of the characters - have NO patience for Laurell K revelling in her sexual fantasies at the expense of story and plot in a very long, and lucrative series of Mary Sue stories.

again, i cannot recommend highly enough Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt's album "A Meeting by the River". it's a wonderful blending of Indian & American styles performed by two superb musicians. thankfully it's another album i can write while listening to. hell, if anyone wants to give it a listen, let me know and i'll try to help you with that.

Dorris should be on her way home tomorrow evening, she's planning to stop in Marshall for the night and finish the drive in on Tuesday. surprise of surprises, she found out that ten-hour-long deadheads aren't as easy for her to do as they were twenty years ago...


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