i haven't been as unimpressed by Obama as many of my fellow Liberals, but i haven't been as impressed as i'd hoped to be...
this has changed somewhat in a positive direction.

"The A-Team" in theaters - i got exactly what i wanted/expected out of this movie - "giggle giggle laugh laugh Laugh LAUGH bang bang bang boom boom boom BOOM WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" not necessarily in that order. we enjoyed it. stay for the very end... and regret the one of the set of three that doesn't show up. we'd like a sequel, please?

"Jonah Hex" in theaters - okay, i wanted to love this, i wanted to adore it... and i don't. there are parts of it i'm real fond of, but overall too muddled -
he talks to the dead, he repeatedly has near-death visions of his coffin, a crow and fights with his arch-nemesis, Megan Fox is there for no reason OTHER than tits and ass, the whole goddamn US military, not to mention police of any and every kind, can't get a handle on the movements of a gang that's hauling big ol' chunks of stolen equipment, much less the not-at-all-secret facility where they're building an ironclad, Union forces defending the capital are one gunship, tried to be mystical, tried to be steampunk... why the fuck didn't they just get Joe Lansdale to write a script, or even the idea for one... hell, film 'Two Gun Mojo' if nothing else... great cast (excepting Fox), great idea to make a Hex movie... but this ain't the one the shoulda made. too many ideas, most of them wasted.
(Spoiler Alert Ends)
i can't recommend it, although i'll own it for the parts i did enjoy.

in spite of Mel Gibson's Epic Fail recently in his personal life, i enjoyed "Apocalypto" on DVD... played holy havoc with history, but what's new? you think "braveheart" or "the patriot" had much in the way of historical accuracy? the point is to tell a story and he does that. it's pretty, full of detail, with lots of nice little character bits. i wasn't expecting much, so what i got was welcome. i recommend it.

"Daybreakers" on DVD - better than i was expecting, some lovely production design... Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe are always fun to watch... the ending seemed a little contrived, but overall, i was okay with that. i recommend it.

"Blood: The Last Vampire" on DVD - this refers to the live action, 2009 film... okay, first off, having seen the anime as well - i like this version better. more back story, much more comprehensible, lots of ass-whuppin'. still not sure how i feel about the very ending though. recommended.

"Shutter Island" on DVD - okay. is this film gorgeous? oh you betcha. did i see the island and its facilities and think "wow, this should be a Cthulan Mythos story"? oh HELL yes. does the very talented cast turn in very good performances? ahyup. do i love Martin Scorsese films? uh huh, sure do. so i wasn't disappointed, not in the least. neither was Dorris.
what we were, was brain-fucked. Holy Goat-Humpin' Thor with His Hammer Handle Up His Butt! i saw a multitude of ways the film could end, a whole bunch of possibilities for all the "was that real or not" as well as the "there's no way THAT was real" story threads to resolve. now, mysteries aren't my strong point, but i'm a reasonably intelligent guy and none of my suppositions came anywhere close to the truth. left Dorris and i both sittin' there with our mouths open.
we recommend it... but leave time to watch something nice and normal afterwards.

HBO's “The Pacific” - while i'm not as fond of this as i am of 'Band of Brothers' (mostly because of too many characters spread over different units at different times) it's still Extremely Good and i highly recommend it. Hanks and Spielberg know how to do a painfully realistic war film. i'm just wondering how long until they're looking at the Korea and Vietnam conflicts for source material...

"Knight and Day" in theaters - this was light and frothy lightly romantic dramedy spy fun. bang Bang Boom BOOM WHEEEEEEEEEE! we enjoyed it.

I fed the first eight paragraphs of my latest story into this thing and THIS is what it tells me? i find myself horrified...

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

but my horror is soothed by my belief in the inaccuracy of such quizzes and analyses... all better now.

"The Crazies" on DVD - lots of fun, well done, i really enjoy watching Timothy Olyphant. the film actually gave me the creeps at several points and had some well-done 'BOO's. the ending was logically predictable, but i'm okay with that. sometimes the actions of large bureaucracies are inevitable. i liked it.

"Bioshock 2" on XBox 360 - i finally finished it (for the first three-quarters of it, thankfully aided by the sharp eyes of my nephew Tim and our friend Lee). while it had a different feel, much less creepy than the original, it was still a hell of a story and i enjoyed it thoroughly. i will eventually be replaying it, as my moral choices through the first playthrough brought me to the best possible ending... which means the vile bitch who was the primary villain lived... i want to see her die. (alas, i've read the synopsis of how she dies in the less optimal endings and it won't be nearly satisfying enough... but it'll have to do). Highly Recommended.

with all the fuss and hoorah concerning the pile of steaming alcoholic leper feces that is Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series, both in print and on film, i find this heartening to consider - sooner or later, these screaming fandweebs are going to need something else to read. they're now readers... and Meyers is not going to be able to keep them supplied. they'll try other authors... their tastes may well mature. they're now part of the (horribly, depressingly small) percentage of Americans that reads something other than People Magazine and the National Enquirer.
this is the beautiful shining silver lining to the black hole of a cloud that is "Twilight" fandom.


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