Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle's "One From The Heart". simply superb. very highly recommended.

"Surrogates" through Netflix online - okay, right off the bat i have a major problem with this film. it starts with those broad and sweeping generalizations that are the setup for so many sci-fi films... "98% of the world's population uses surrogates". REALLY? how are those teeming millions of 'third-world' citizens affording surrogates? what's the Islamic response to surrogates? they accepted it? don't think so, not in this reality or any one close to it. we made a treaty with the 'humans' so they can have their own extraterritorial preserves? yeah, like that'd happen this side of hell. if the world was moving towards this kind of reality, they might get preserves, but they'd be far more like native american reservations... and fuck extraterritorial status - they'd be our newest third class citizens.
for what it is, a fantasy movie, i recommend it as a fun ride. as anything approaching 'speculative' or 'science' fiction? nope, not happening.

holy shit, a syfy movie that looks like it might not suck... that it stars Felicia Day is just an added plus...

okay, just for the record, my present conception of Hell and Eternal Damnation is a never-ending manuscript with tons of punctuation revisions to implement. at present, it feels as if i'm in Hell.


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