first off, let me say that watching numerous documentaries on burlesque and videos of contemporary burlesque in no way prepared me for the joy of seeing it live.
secondly, praise Jesus, these women were not small, skinny anorexics who shook like meth freaks - these women had mass, they had curves, they had Tee-thank-you-Lord-eye-tee-ess and Ay-have-mercy-double-ess! some of them were more comfortable with their bodies and performing than others, but everyone put on a hell of a good show.
"Hollywood Honeys" featured routines that in some related to movies and there was some real creativity and effort involved.
Sugar von Tassles performed twice, once as Jessica Rabbit to "Why Don't You Do Right?" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Jump In The Line" from "Beetlejuice". she evoked Jessica and a dinner guest caught in the magic of calypso very well, the second act mixing comedy and dance beautifully.
Sin O' Rita performed to "Hernando's Hideaway" from "The Pajama Game" and a "Tribute to the Hollywood Starlet". she had great choreography and moved through her routines beautifully, tantalizing and teasing the audience.
Whisker Lickins performed "A Tribute to Clara Bow" and as "Tank Girl". both her routines were cute and some damn fine tassle twirling. you think you've seen that kind of thing in film and video but until it's happening ten feet in front of you - you haven't seen tassle twirling.
Smalls McCoy (and yeah, she's tiny - but with some hips!) did "Whatever Lola Wants" from "Damn Yankees" and "Greased Lightning" from, you guessed it, "Grease". while "Lola" was fun, with good choreography and nice costume, the routine from "Grease" was almost perfect burlesque - funny, sexy, teasing, never showing much until the finale.
our friend Jenni, the ever-so-curvaceous Remi Martini, did a lovely routine inspired by the film "Idlewild". lots of attitude, lots of fun. i was hoping to see her perform again but alas, as the organizer of the show, she only had time (and sanity) to perform once.
Frostine Shake rocked my world with a lovely mix of Disney Sleeping Beauty costume and "Once Upon A Dream" from the animated film that once the Princess costume was removed got beautifully down and dirty to Sonic Youth's "Have Love Will Travel". i've rarely wanted to do such evil things with a Disney Princess.
Ginger Rayle, performing before an audience for the first (and second) time, did a "Porgy & Bess" tribute to Billie Holiday's "Summertime" and danced to the Centurians' "Bullwinkle Part II" from "Pulp Fiction". both routines were well-choreographed and well performed.
Miss Chevious made my geeky little heart sing by dancing with very nice costuming to both "Keneda" from the "Akira" soundtrack (complete with very phallic laser rifle) and to the "Clockwork Orange Mix" as a very voluptuous naughty droog - complete with a little bit of "Singing in the Rain" at the very end. she loved her music and it showed, as did her enjoyment of performing.
Andrea von Frankenstein hit all perfect burlesque notes dancing to Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme". she also had absolutely beautiful legs and used them to delightful effect. i wish she'd performed a second routine.
Googhee Gomez was stunning in her "Tribute to Etta James" - lovely woman, beautiful costume and choreography, nice comedy and great use of props. another that i wished would've performed twice.
Pystol Whips danced as Pippi Longstocking to the "Pippi Longstocking Theme" and it was perversely wonderful. i'd never thought of Pippi that way before and now i'm pretty sure i'll never look at her any other way. very cute and charming.

there was a pretty good crowd there, almost filling the (relatively small) venue, including a loud and vocal contingent of Enthusiastic Lesbian Stripping Fans. :D
it was a great night, a lot of fun and, as with most live performances, was a wonderful revelation compared to the pale imitation that is filmed burlesque. i look forward to seeing more.


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