China Mieville's wonderful bit on the Ground Zero Mosque bullshit...

and some more twisted up, idiotic crap about the GZM -

August 24th marked the second anniversary of the passing of my friend Tommie Dunnam. being me, i'd completely forgotten the date... consciously, that is. night of the 24th/morning of the 25th he showed up in a dream of mine. i had died, and he was waiting for me in the "whatever comes after" (i don't remember too many details of where/what that was). he told me we all have someone waiting for us, to help us adjust. i asked if that place (whatever 'that place' was) was all there was, or was it one stage on a longer journey, and if that was the case, shouldn't we get moving? he replied that i had a lot of work to do there before it was time to move on again.
i had no idea of the significance of the date till his sister reminded me of the anniversary of his passing a day and a half later. funny ol' world, innit?

yesterday, the 27th, was my daughter's 29th birthday. i wish her all the best, hope she had a happy one.
in the meantime i shall ponder 29 years and try not to feel too decrepit.

we've actually had a cooling trend the past week. mid-nineties during the day, nice cool evenings... the first signs that, in spite of undeniable global warming, we've almost survived another Texas summer. this is a happy thing to contemplate. maybe, come what passes for winter, poor Conan can recover from his heat rash...

no word yet from Jonesboro, one way or the other. hope continues...


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