how long will it be before blogs that aren't one-man operations realize that holidays aren't days off for them? yeah, if it's just you and one or two other guys, that's one thing, but blogs and sites with Staff... folks, your readers check in on holidays - we have Plenty of time to do so - and we get a mite miffy if you've all gone off fishing. rotate coverage but give the hungry monster of internet surfers content! we are bored now, you must entertain us!

a week later...
wow, another Monday morning. in the past two weeks i've finished three short stories - okay, a novelette and two short stories - that were at various stages of completion, gotten out one chapter of the Soap Opera From Hell and steaming along on another...
and this morning i signed the contracts for my story to appear in 'The Ladies of Trade Town'...
i've really got to stop doing that - it's most unbecoming in a man of my years.
fuck it.
okay, really, i'm stopping now.

"Machete" in theaters - boom boom bang bang slice slice chop chop bow chicka wow wow wheeeeee! it was even more over the top than i expected, and i expected it to be really over the top.

dammit, no more, i'm serious now! (yes, Serious Jim is Serious)

with a really oddball cast, a lot of comedy, a lot of action, and more than its fair share of overblown exploitation spooge, i am anxiously awaiting the sequels, "Machete Kills" and "Machete Kills Again". it was silly and we really enjoyed it. highly recommended for those who enjoy grindhouse exploitation movies.

no, really, cut that shit out!


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