so, morning of the 18th, my back - with ample help from my exceedingly uncomfortable and unsupportive bed - decided to wreak its vengeance upon me. the back went into spasms like i haven't felt since i originally injured it in 1982. i got to squirt tears so hard they fuck near knocked my glasses off my face and after, roughly, 14 years of marriage, my wife got to hear me scream - repeatedly. thankfully she has assuaged my fears by assuring me i do not do sound like a little girl when i do so... close to it, but not quite there.
courtesy of good pain drugs, it's in the process of healing - i'm now able to sit up for about two, maybe three hours at a time before i have to go lie down again.
while i'm able to sit up for a while, here are some links and such...
an economist's response to a post which is apparently no longer available, about just how terrible the deprivation wrought by Not renewing the Bush tax cuts will affect a six-figure income family... i saw red, i saw infra-red... oh, to be so terribly unfortunate!

on a lighter note...
y'know, i think most guys wonder if it can be broken within a month of achieving their first erection. perhaps not 'broken' in the classic sense, more torn maybe... well, here's our answer.

that's really all i have at the moment, except to say 'Thank God' for good friends who share their Serious Pain Reliever stash with folks like me when the back goes on a rampage. first time around, it took me two and a half weeks to get to where i was two and a half days after this most recent bout began. the difference is a back that 'hurts' as opposed to 'HUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRTS'. backs that are in that latter range tend to tense up from the pain - which is of course exactly what doesn't need to happen. this time around has been much easier, and it's all due to a friend who believes in sharing. again i say, Thank God for him.
and Thank God several times over, multiple times daily, for a wife that's willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with me and my back. this is one of the things that's covered under the whole 'in sickness and in health' clause, but that's certainly no reason to take it for granted, and i don't.


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