Superman/Batman: Apocalypse on DVD - okay, Superman's cousin arrives on Earth, almost no one knows what to do with her, Darkseid has a Really Evil Idea what to do with her and the will to make it happen, kidnaps Kara and makes her his bitch, a rescue mission is sent to Apokolips, she's brought back home and finally Kara decides what to do with herself.
yeah, simple.
btw, the scene where Wonder Woman and Big Barda are facing off against the Female Furies (Stompa, Lashina, Gilotina and Mad Harriet)? oh yeah, baby - battlin' badass bitches beatdown beauty.
recommended if you've enjoyed the rest of the DC animated video releases. i liked it a lot.

i am LOVING the geek/burlesque mixture:[nsfw

am debating participating in NaNoWriMo this year - i'm running into my standard issue. if things are going well with another writing project, why stop and change gears simply to say i played well with the other NaNoLemmings? now, if another project isn't going well, if the words are coming like sludge or the giant Writers Block monster is stomping the shit out of my own private Tokyo - then hells to the yeah, i'll gleefully put on my Lemming suit and do NaNoWriMo!
i have a rough idea (okay, really two or three... maybe more) of what i'd write for NaNo if i do participate... and that's without pondering the rewrite and continuation of last year's effort. (the biggest argument against that is that i feel it's antithetical to the spirit of the exercise to work on something that's not new - don't really care what anyone else does or thinks, that's just my humble opinion)
but in the meantime, i need to finish 'Falling Angels' and that necessitates coffee, possibly in massive quantities... time to get my day off the launchpad.

as a final note on the state of my head today, here's the playlist, on repeat.
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Breathe (2AM) - Anna Nalick
Here It Goes Again - OK GO
Major Tom (Coming Home) - Shiny Toy Guns


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