i decided to do NaNoWriMo this year - officially and everything - (jr0037 is my NaNo handle for those of you interested or participating or both) and in a spirit of silliness i ordered the NaNo coffee mug...

it's small.
way too small for a coffee hound like me.
i'd finish it in two slurps and a licking of my lips.

but as Dorris pointed out, it will hold pencils on my desk nicely.
i've been torn lately between thoughts on the upcoming NaNo project and work on "Falling Angels" - which has of course gone from 'short story' straight through 'novelette' and into 'novella'. even after i trim it for a second draft, it'll be a novella.
add to this time spent on superflous pleasantries such as "Fallout: New Vegas", "Civilization V" and "City of Heroes" (it's Trick or Treat time!) and life is kinda busy.
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