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Birthdate:Feb 5
Location:Texas, United States of America
I was born in a small Central Texas town in '60 and drifted around a lot after my first marriage. I'm currenly on my third marriage (10+ years and counting!). I have a daughter (born in '81) from my first marriage. I'm a happy househusband who writes erotica (and other things), rides herd on four dawgs and tries not to go crazy due to the state of my country.

You could say I'm extremely left-wing liberal (except where I'm not), anti-organized religion (except where I'm not), yellow-dawg Democrat (except where I'm not), Proud Texan (except where I'm not), member of the ACLU & Amnesty International. Anti-Death Penalty and Pro-Punishment, Pro-Choice, in favor of the legalization of marijuana and a firm believer in the Constitution of the United States of America... as it's written, not as this regime interprets it.

As you might guess, I'm also more than a little weird.

I discovered my love of writing at a young age, wrote a story for my high school newspaper that won an Interscholastic League Press Conference Award. Then after high school (and a year in college as a theology/philosphy major) moved from the small town that had spawned me (and the other small town I'd gone to college in) to Dallas, Texas, where I wrote (and even worse, read aloud) a lot of really angsty free-form prose/poetry garbage, most of which I'm heartily ashamed of. Produced a lot of venom-filled rants, only some of which I'm ashamed of.

And then I quit writing for somewhere between ten and fifteen years (dates are kind of hazy as this was a very unsettled time in my life and I was doing a lot of drugs). I was convinced that the only reason anyone ever said I had talent was out of pity or out of bias as friends of mine. Then in early 2005, I was corresponding with an erotica author whose work I admired and she encouraged me to give it a try, selling me with the line "All you need to write erotica is a fantasy... everyone has a fantasy."

Sure enough, found out I was pretty good at it, although as time has gone on the erotic content of my work has shrunk. I don't write 'romantica', I'm not here to phrase things in pretty purple prose... I'm profane, so are my characters. I don't pretend to write for women, I write for myself. I write erotic fantasy and horror (so far), I'm not real interested in high-brow erotica. To me erotica is a part of a story, not the story in and of itself (with the rare 'stroke story' exception). At its very least, it's pulling open the 'bedroom door' and having a good long look within, for no reason other than it makes us feel good.

At present I'm working to get out of the EroticaGhetto (which is counter-intuitive, as that appears to be where the money is these days) and into more conventional, mainstream writing.

Interests (149):

60 minutes, ac/dc, alabama thunderpussy, alice cooper, aliens, alison krauss & union station, american gothic, annie lennox, austin lounge lizards, berlin, big band, billy joel, black sabbath, blondie, blue oyster cult, bluegrass, bones, brian setzer orchestra, brimstone, burn notice, cat stevens/yusuf islam, celtic, charlaine harris, charles de lint, chieftains, chuck berry, classic rock and roll, classical, clive barker, cowboy junkies, criminal minds, csi, csi:ny, david drake, david weber, deadwood, diners drive ins and dives, dire straits, dirty vegas, doc watson, dollhouse, dropkick murphys, eagles, eddie izzard, elo, emma bull, enter the haggis, evanescence, film, film soundtracks and scores, firefly/serenity, fish, flogging molly, fringe, gael baudino, garth ennis, george r.r. martin, george thorogood & the delaware destroyers, george winston, good eats, green day, green linnet records, guy clark, h.p. lovecraft and a whole boatload of others., harry turtledove, hugh lofting, j. michael staczynski, j.k. rowling, jean-michel jarre, jethro tull, joan jett, joe ely, joe r. lansdale, joe walsh, john prine, jonny quest, kahlil gibran, katt williams, kim harrison, king kong, l. frank baum, laibach, leonard cohen, let's try authors: alan moore, lewis black, loreena mckennitt, lucid dementia, marillion, marilyn manson, mash-ups, matisyahu, meatloaf, mediaeval baebes, ministry, mojo nixon, my chemical romance, nancy collins, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, norah jones, panic at the disco, patsy cline, phillip pullman, pink floyd, raiders of the lost ark, ray charles, reading, rexway, rob zombie, robert a. heinlein, robot chicken, rome, ry cooder, santana, schindler's list, shel silverstein, shriekback, sigue sigue sputnik, silly wizard, silverado, simon & garfunkel, sisters of mercy, southern culture on the skids, stephen king, steve earle, stray cats, supernatural, tannahill weavers, terminator:tscc, the 5-6-7-8's, the band, the history channel, the rachel maddowes show, the tick, the venture bros., the west wing., the wire, thrill kill kult, tony bennett, townes van zandt, travelling wilburys, voltaire, warren zevon, weeds, willie nelson, windham hill records, wolfmother, writing, zz top comedians: bill hicks
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