if you want proof that the Supreme Court has been bought and paid for: CNN reports Supreme Court rules 5-4 to ease restrictions on spending by corporations and unions in political campaigns. JUST what we need, make it easier for politicians to be bought and sold. Thanks to the Supremes for further raping the People.

Possibly the best use of the 'Star Wars' franchise ever.

thanks to [personal profile] mouseferatu

the NY Times needs to back the fuck off or i'm gonna go kill me some Yankee bitches - you do NOT fuck with Christina Hendricks! their little Annie-Wrecks-It asses can shut up or get fed to the gators! (and yeah, i know that's not how you spell 'anorexic' - it's a fucking joke - get your fingers off the gawddamn keyboard)

"Avatar" in theaters - see it. see it with the best projection system you can get to, see it in 3-D. is it overhyped? yes. did it deserve 'best director' and 'best picture' Golden Globes? no. is it still a wonderful experience? yes. will i own it on blu-ray? oh, you better believe it. do i want the proposed sequels? anxiously awaiting them. see it.

"Sherlock Holmes" in theaters - to any who might say "this is a violation of sacred canon!", i reply "lighten the fuck up, shut the fuck up or kill yourself in a fit of Sherlockian depression". Robert Downey Jr. did deserve his 'best actor in comedy or musical' Golden Globe, the entire cast did a hell of a job, almost everything about this movie is Fun. so highly recommended we've seen it twice.

"The Book of Eli" in theaters - a marvelous post-apocalyptic fable that's evidently discombobulating a lot of people, and getting dissed on many fronts. get the fuck over it. we recommend it, in part because of its clear message that religion can be used for good or evil, hope or despair, freedom or control. like any tool, the purposes it's put to are in the hands of the wielder. this completely explains loathsome little toads like Pat Robertson and Oral-Getting-Assraped-In-Hell-Roberts. we liked it, it's beautiful, we recommend it.

a little over 74,000 words in 14 days - God and Sonny-goat-humpin'-Jesus i'm tired. and my drunken slut of an Irish muse still shows no sign of leaving. but i did get my submission to 'the ladies of tradetown' finished and off to Lee Martindale. :: waves at Lee ::

this next Tuesday, Jan. 26, my cousin Sheryl goes under the knife for breast cancer. the last i heard, her doctors were talking a mastectomy. any prayers/good vibes... well, you know my riff... would be greatly appreciated. nobody deserves this to happen to them - nobody - but least of all the people i know, Sheryl.


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