send them Ethereal Veg and they might let me go. yeah, it's been 'Weird Shit Dream Days' here lately with friends showing up disguised as other (dead) friends, betrayal, mayhem, being trapped places i really don't want to be, massive confustication and a healthy side dose of 'WTF'...

been listening to a lot Paul Horn - "Inside the Taj Mahal I & II" and "Inside the Great Pyramid". also tracked down and rediscovered Crimson (Singh Kaur & Kim Robertson)... good meditative/writing music. remembering how Crimson's 4th album, 'Mender of Hearts', got me through my grandmother's passing...

work progresses on the as-yet-nameless story about Frank Coulter, P.I. i'm liking most of the places it's going, i just wish the damn thing would tell me its name. i'm a little worried about how linear the story is at this point, but as i read it, P.I. stories aren't mysteries per se so much as they're action and crime stories. of course, as always, i could be talking out of my ass.

approximately 4 AM, Tuesday, 5/25 - again with goddamn weird-ass dreams involving relatives - this one was centered on possibly the lamest family reunion of all time and one i could not escape from no matter how hard i tried. i'm about to file harassment charges against the nightmare bunnies - c'mon guys, give me something i can feel remotely good about dealing with - not this 'beating cousin ruth with 2x4 just to get out the door' shit...

new television addiction - "Justified" on F/X... okay, if Elmore Leonard producing a series based on a story of his isn't enough, Timothy Olyphant playing a slightly less Grim Servant of Death than his previous role as Seth Bullock on "Deadwood" certainly should be. great supporting cast, lots of interesting (and by interesting i mean incredibly quirky) characters, Dorris and i are giving this series two exceedingly energetic thumbs up. (plus the opening theme, "Long Hard Times To Come" is done in a style called 'gangstagrass', a cross of gangsta rap & bluegrass - i know it sounds sick and sad, but by God it works, imho) (song below... no vid yet)


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