Gary Kurtz on why "Star Wars" went down the tubes...
which was pretty much what i'd expected...

more discussion on why the google-verizon proposal should be shouted down:

and an alternative view of the google-verizon proposal:

a rather dense examination of the possibility of an afterlife, among other things:

even more on the new "Bioshock" game:

for those of us who are Dawn of War/Dawn of War II fans, the following is a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" announcement:

It's time for WAAAAAAAUGH!

"Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld - take German/Austro-Hungarian walking war machines, add British/French/Russian Victorian genetic splicing that creates animal hybrid war machines, mix in a young prince in danger from his own people after his father and mother are killed (which starts World War One), and a Scottish girl pretending to be a boy so she can be a midshipman in the British Air Corps and you've got a lovely Steampunk YA novel that i recommend unreservedly - with absolutely beautiful b&w illustrations to boot! go buy it, read it.

some good points made in an article on

note what music i'm listening to... a Stevie Ray Vaughn cut I never knew existed... that automatically makes it a good damn day. add that it's SRV & Dick Dale and the Del-Tones - bonus points! add that it's "Pipeline" - we are into serious Extra Special Orgasm-Making Bonus Sparklies Complete With Cookies And Ice Cream!
Hell, only thing that could make it better would be if my wife got a job today...
But I just couldn't ignore it anymore, so now, like so many others, I'm forced to share

most definitely NSFW

Dorris' phone interview today went well, we're in waiting mode, she'll be flying back in tomorrow. we remain 'optimistic'.

"Battle Royale" on DVD - wow... i enjoyed it a lot, so much so that i've ordered the book because i crave more of the back story. recommended.

"Battle Royale II" on DVD - uh, not so much. some really stupid writing, at least one "so-over-the-top-performance-that-i-cringed-watching-it", and a lot of shit that just didn't make any kind of sense at all. 20 minutes in, i gave it up as a lost cause and pulled the disc.

"Land of the Lost" on BluRay - aside from the fact that i feel Will Ferrell is, most days, a festering abcess on the ball-sack of humanity, i thought to myself "How bad can this be?". 7 minutes. that's how bad folks, 7 goddamn minutes and i could not watch another second.

there you have it, back to your regularly scheduled thursday afternoon.


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