and not having much luck at it... back is really torqued off and i'm woozy from pain drugs.

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" in theaters - i got everything i was expecting and more. my only issue is Michael Cera's voice - he doesn't sound 22, let alone his real age. other than that, we thought the movie rocked. Wallace, the gay roomate was an unexpected joy. we recommend it. (but now i have to track down the graphic novels...)

"Discord's Apple" by Carrie Vaughn - okay, i'm a big fan of Carrie's "Kitty Norville" series, which i highly recommend, and so taking a chance on this novel wasn't a big risk. it paid off beautifully. a mixture of myths and fairy tales, ancient gods and immortals - and humans caught in the middle of an apocalypse of their own species' making. Carrie doesn't disappoint. this book is highly recommended as well.

much later... the next night even...
waking up to a dog barking and a smell of really foul poo does not a good "oh-my-GAWD-what-fucking-time-is-it?" make. Bear, in this case, was saying in no uncertain terms that her tummy was Very Upset, her crate was a fecal disaster area and she was displeased with the world and everyone in it. we figure she was either listening to her Aunt Valeria (who believes if you can fit it in your mouth you should swallow it) or she may be the first dog of ours to ever have any problem at all with chocolate (and if you go back into all the dogs Dorris has had, that's a huge body of experiential data). she has been dosed with The Pink Stuff (i'm the only one in the house that doesn't feel Pepto-Bismol is Satanic Snot mixed with refined Vileness from Beyond the Borders of Sanity - i had to take far too much of it as a child for me not to get used to it) (not fond of it, mind you - i mean, i don't use it as a mixer or anything) and we're waiting to see what's next with the puppy.
it also should be noted for the record that my wife's ability to sleep through pretty much any noise our dogs make in the living room is, on occasion - like tonight, a trait of hers that i loathe, despise... and envy. it makes the "getting the puppy used to staying in her crate all night" part of training pure hell for me, while said period generally disturbs her not at all. on the other hand, once i learn the dogs' sounds of distress, i generally can get them outside before they turn their crates into hazmat sites. (i've had a lot of experience with Valeria on this - i swear, when it comes to "things that make my stomach upset", that dog has a] no memory at all or b] the ability to change memories from "whatever-i-ate-was-bad-oh-my-GOD-I'M-DYING" to "the-best-tasting-thing-ever-that-left-me-with-a-warm-and-happy-glow-of-contentment-in-my-tummy") (or, quite possibly, she's just not smart enough to put things like "eating rotting squirrel" together with "running at both ends" in a whole 'cause and effect' kinda thing)

gonna go ahead and post this before i do anymore rambling about dog tummies and our travails therewith.


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