if the following paragraphs make something inside of you giggle with glee, or feel all warm and fuzzy, or lick your lips (or something else) with anticipation, i strongly recommend Richard Kadrey's "Sandman Slim" to you...

"There's only one problem with L.A.
It exists.
L.A. is what happens when a bunch of Lovecraftian elder gods and porn starlets spend a weekend locked up in the Chateau Marmont snorting lines of crank off Jim Morrison's bones. If the Viagra and illegal Traci Lords videos don't get you going, then the Japanese tentacle porn will.
New York has short con cannibals and sewer gators. Chicago is all snowbound yetis and the ghosts of a million angry steers with horns like jackhammers. Texas is crisscrossed with ghost railroads that kidnap demon-possessed Lolitas to play strip Russian Roulette with six shells in the chamber.
L.A. is all assholes and angels, bloodsuckers and trust-fund satanists, black magic and movie moguls with more bodies buried under the house than John Wayne Gacy.
There are more surveillance cameras and razor wire here than around the pope. L.A. is one traffic jam from going completely Hiroshima.
God, I love this town."

if those paragraphs did nothing for you, or worse yet, upset or disturbed you in some way, then stay the hell away from Kadrey's book.

the above was quoted completely without permission.


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