"Bitter Seeds" by Ian Tregillis - i'm a sucker for alternate histories, always have been. to me they seem the purest form of speculative fiction's famous "what if?". an exceedingly simplistic description of the plot: before and during WWII, german scientist creates children with psychic abilities for the fatherland and the warlocks of england must unite to combat them.
sounds rather fun, doesn't it?
take that plot and launch it through a black hole because by the time it reaches the page it's Dark, Really Dark, Incredibly Soul-Rapingly Dark.
and at the very end, when you feel that perhaps the sun can come out again and shine upon you, the book closes with even more horrifying prospects for the world depicted therein. the end.
if, given my review, you have any desire to read it, go for it - i recommend it wholeheartedly. i enjoyed every minute of the ride. if you don't, that's fine - you're going to miss an excellent book, full of interesting and well-developed characters, but that's okay. better you miss it than spend your money on it and find it not to your liking.
i'm off to try to untwist my psyche.


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