"Altered" on DVD - (or as i saw it, on streaming download from Netflix). okay, the only 'star' i recognize in this is James Gammon and he has a relatively brief role but overall i was very impressed. there was some thought behind this project, they kept the special effects to a minimum for budget's sake but what they had were decent and the no-name cast did a good job. i recommend it. (read the synopsis first, of course, to see if it's your kind of movie)

"C.S.A." on DVD - (also streamed from Netflix) what if the CSA had won the Civil War? an interesting mockumentary that i found completely fascinating. be sure to watch for the real-world histories of some of the advertising in the mockumentary... highly recommended.

and other stuff that's caught my interest lately:
"Oath of Fealty" by Larry Niven & Steven Barnes - re-reading this was a lot of fun... there are parts of the ideas and concepts contained therein that i wholeheartedly approve of and others that could give me nightmares if i thought about them for long. if corporations actually looked after their employees as this novel depicts, i'd feel a lot better about them. but now that corporations are 'people' (and what a nightmarish concept that is), then human beings have been relegated to the status of easily replaceable cogs in the machine of making money.

6/21... there is a new puppy in the house, border collie/labrador/who-the-hell-knows-what, so this afternoon has been the beginning of house-breaking, "No" training and tonight is "yes, you will sleep in the crate like the other dogs and you can whine all you want"... pray for us ;)

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take the guided tour... g'ddamn.


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