Superman/Batman: Apocalypse on DVD - okay, Superman's cousin arrives on Earth, almost no one knows what to do with her, Darkseid has a Really Evil Idea what to do with her and the will to make it happen, kidnaps Kara and makes her his bitch, a rescue mission is sent to Apokolips, she's brought back home and finally Kara decides what to do with herself.
yeah, simple.
btw, the scene where Wonder Woman and Big Barda are facing off against the Female Furies (Stompa, Lashina, Gilotina and Mad Harriet)? oh yeah, baby - battlin' badass bitches beatdown beauty.
recommended if you've enjoyed the rest of the DC animated video releases. i liked it a lot.

i am LOVING the geek/burlesque mixture:[nsfw

am debating participating in NaNoWriMo this year - i'm running into my standard issue. if things are going well with another writing project, why stop and change gears simply to say i played well with the other NaNoLemmings? now, if another project isn't going well, if the words are coming like sludge or the giant Writers Block monster is stomping the shit out of my own private Tokyo - then hells to the yeah, i'll gleefully put on my Lemming suit and do NaNoWriMo!
i have a rough idea (okay, really two or three... maybe more) of what i'd write for NaNo if i do participate... and that's without pondering the rewrite and continuation of last year's effort. (the biggest argument against that is that i feel it's antithetical to the spirit of the exercise to work on something that's not new - don't really care what anyone else does or thinks, that's just my humble opinion)
but in the meantime, i need to finish 'Falling Angels' and that necessitates coffee, possibly in massive quantities... time to get my day off the launchpad.

as a final note on the state of my head today, here's the playlist, on repeat.
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
Breathe (2AM) - Anna Nalick
Here It Goes Again - OK GO
Major Tom (Coming Home) - Shiny Toy Guns
and Thank God several times over, multiple times daily, for a wife that's willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with me and my back. this is one of the things that's covered under the whole 'in sickness and in health' clause, but that's certainly no reason to take it for granted, and i don't.
so, morning of the 18th, my back - with ample help from my exceedingly uncomfortable and unsupportive bed - decided to wreak its vengeance upon me. the back went into spasms like i haven't felt since i originally injured it in 1982. i got to squirt tears so hard they fuck near knocked my glasses off my face and after, roughly, 14 years of marriage, my wife got to hear me scream - repeatedly. thankfully she has assuaged my fears by assuring me i do not do sound like a little girl when i do so... close to it, but not quite there.
courtesy of good pain drugs, it's in the process of healing - i'm now able to sit up for about two, maybe three hours at a time before i have to go lie down again.
while i'm able to sit up for a while, here are some links and such...
an economist's response to a post which is apparently no longer available, about just how terrible the deprivation wrought by Not renewing the Bush tax cuts will affect a six-figure income family... i saw red, i saw infra-red... oh, to be so terribly unfortunate!

on a lighter note...
y'know, i think most guys wonder if it can be broken within a month of achieving their first erection. perhaps not 'broken' in the classic sense, more torn maybe... well, here's our answer.

that's really all i have at the moment, except to say 'Thank God' for good friends who share their Serious Pain Reliever stash with folks like me when the back goes on a rampage. first time around, it took me two and a half weeks to get to where i was two and a half days after this most recent bout began. the difference is a back that 'hurts' as opposed to 'HUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRTS'. backs that are in that latter range tend to tense up from the pain - which is of course exactly what doesn't need to happen. this time around has been much easier, and it's all due to a friend who believes in sharing. again i say, Thank God for him.
i've already shared this on FaceBook but it needs to be spread even further:

if you're a writer, or want to be a write, or think you might could be a writer if you held your tongue just right, go read it now.
how long will it be before blogs that aren't one-man operations realize that holidays aren't days off for them? yeah, if it's just you and one or two other guys, that's one thing, but blogs and sites with Staff... folks, your readers check in on holidays - we have Plenty of time to do so - and we get a mite miffy if you've all gone off fishing. rotate coverage but give the hungry monster of internet surfers content! we are bored now, you must entertain us!

a week later...
wow, another Monday morning. in the past two weeks i've finished three short stories - okay, a novelette and two short stories - that were at various stages of completion, gotten out one chapter of the Soap Opera From Hell and steaming along on another...
and this morning i signed the contracts for my story to appear in 'The Ladies of Trade Town'...
i've really got to stop doing that - it's most unbecoming in a man of my years.
fuck it.
okay, really, i'm stopping now.

"Machete" in theaters - boom boom bang bang slice slice chop chop bow chicka wow wow wheeeeee! it was even more over the top than i expected, and i expected it to be really over the top.

dammit, no more, i'm serious now! (yes, Serious Jim is Serious)

with a really oddball cast, a lot of comedy, a lot of action, and more than its fair share of overblown exploitation spooge, i am anxiously awaiting the sequels, "Machete Kills" and "Machete Kills Again". it was silly and we really enjoyed it. highly recommended for those who enjoy grindhouse exploitation movies.

no, really, cut that shit out!
an interesting article on examining religious beliefs... stresses one of my favorite themes - "We Can Be Civil Adults in This Debate" -

Dorris got word that she didn't get the job in Jonesboro.
i've been trying not to be too hopeful - it's still a blow for both of us.
it really seemed like the stars were coming together for this one, but evidently not.
so once again, if anyone knows of an opening for a FoxPro programmer/data base analyst, please let me know. location is not an issue.
China Mieville's wonderful bit on the Ground Zero Mosque bullshit...

and some more twisted up, idiotic crap about the GZM -

August 24th marked the second anniversary of the passing of my friend Tommie Dunnam. being me, i'd completely forgotten the date... consciously, that is. night of the 24th/morning of the 25th he showed up in a dream of mine. i had died, and he was waiting for me in the "whatever comes after" (i don't remember too many details of where/what that was). he told me we all have someone waiting for us, to help us adjust. i asked if that place (whatever 'that place' was) was all there was, or was it one stage on a longer journey, and if that was the case, shouldn't we get moving? he replied that i had a lot of work to do there before it was time to move on again.
i had no idea of the significance of the date till his sister reminded me of the anniversary of his passing a day and a half later. funny ol' world, innit?

yesterday, the 27th, was my daughter's 29th birthday. i wish her all the best, hope she had a happy one.
in the meantime i shall ponder 29 years and try not to feel too decrepit.

we've actually had a cooling trend the past week. mid-nineties during the day, nice cool evenings... the first signs that, in spite of undeniable global warming, we've almost survived another Texas summer. this is a happy thing to contemplate. maybe, come what passes for winter, poor Conan can recover from his heat rash...

no word yet from Jonesboro, one way or the other. hope continues...
and not having much luck at it... back is really torqued off and i'm woozy from pain drugs.

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" in theaters - i got everything i was expecting and more. my only issue is Michael Cera's voice - he doesn't sound 22, let alone his real age. other than that, we thought the movie rocked. Wallace, the gay roomate was an unexpected joy. we recommend it. (but now i have to track down the graphic novels...)

"Discord's Apple" by Carrie Vaughn - okay, i'm a big fan of Carrie's "Kitty Norville" series, which i highly recommend, and so taking a chance on this novel wasn't a big risk. it paid off beautifully. a mixture of myths and fairy tales, ancient gods and immortals - and humans caught in the middle of an apocalypse of their own species' making. Carrie doesn't disappoint. this book is highly recommended as well.

much later... the next night even...
waking up to a dog barking and a smell of really foul poo does not a good "oh-my-GAWD-what-fucking-time-is-it?" make. Bear, in this case, was saying in no uncertain terms that her tummy was Very Upset, her crate was a fecal disaster area and she was displeased with the world and everyone in it. we figure she was either listening to her Aunt Valeria (who believes if you can fit it in your mouth you should swallow it) or she may be the first dog of ours to ever have any problem at all with chocolate (and if you go back into all the dogs Dorris has had, that's a huge body of experiential data). she has been dosed with The Pink Stuff (i'm the only one in the house that doesn't feel Pepto-Bismol is Satanic Snot mixed with refined Vileness from Beyond the Borders of Sanity - i had to take far too much of it as a child for me not to get used to it) (not fond of it, mind you - i mean, i don't use it as a mixer or anything) and we're waiting to see what's next with the puppy.
it also should be noted for the record that my wife's ability to sleep through pretty much any noise our dogs make in the living room is, on occasion - like tonight, a trait of hers that i loathe, despise... and envy. it makes the "getting the puppy used to staying in her crate all night" part of training pure hell for me, while said period generally disturbs her not at all. on the other hand, once i learn the dogs' sounds of distress, i generally can get them outside before they turn their crates into hazmat sites. (i've had a lot of experience with Valeria on this - i swear, when it comes to "things that make my stomach upset", that dog has a] no memory at all or b] the ability to change memories from "whatever-i-ate-was-bad-oh-my-GOD-I'M-DYING" to "the-best-tasting-thing-ever-that-left-me-with-a-warm-and-happy-glow-of-contentment-in-my-tummy") (or, quite possibly, she's just not smart enough to put things like "eating rotting squirrel" together with "running at both ends" in a whole 'cause and effect' kinda thing)

gonna go ahead and post this before i do anymore rambling about dog tummies and our travails therewith.
first off, let me say that watching numerous documentaries on burlesque and videos of contemporary burlesque in no way prepared me for the joy of seeing it live.
secondly, praise Jesus, these women were not small, skinny anorexics who shook like meth freaks - these women had mass, they had curves, they had Tee-thank-you-Lord-eye-tee-ess and Ay-have-mercy-double-ess! some of them were more comfortable with their bodies and performing than others, but everyone put on a hell of a good show.
"Hollywood Honeys" featured routines that in some related to movies and there was some real creativity and effort involved.
Sugar von Tassles performed twice, once as Jessica Rabbit to "Why Don't You Do Right?" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Jump In The Line" from "Beetlejuice". she evoked Jessica and a dinner guest caught in the magic of calypso very well, the second act mixing comedy and dance beautifully.
Sin O' Rita performed to "Hernando's Hideaway" from "The Pajama Game" and a "Tribute to the Hollywood Starlet". she had great choreography and moved through her routines beautifully, tantalizing and teasing the audience.
Whisker Lickins performed "A Tribute to Clara Bow" and as "Tank Girl". both her routines were cute and some damn fine tassle twirling. you think you've seen that kind of thing in film and video but until it's happening ten feet in front of you - you haven't seen tassle twirling.
Smalls McCoy (and yeah, she's tiny - but with some hips!) did "Whatever Lola Wants" from "Damn Yankees" and "Greased Lightning" from, you guessed it, "Grease". while "Lola" was fun, with good choreography and nice costume, the routine from "Grease" was almost perfect burlesque - funny, sexy, teasing, never showing much until the finale.
our friend Jenni, the ever-so-curvaceous Remi Martini, did a lovely routine inspired by the film "Idlewild". lots of attitude, lots of fun. i was hoping to see her perform again but alas, as the organizer of the show, she only had time (and sanity) to perform once.
Frostine Shake rocked my world with a lovely mix of Disney Sleeping Beauty costume and "Once Upon A Dream" from the animated film that once the Princess costume was removed got beautifully down and dirty to Sonic Youth's "Have Love Will Travel". i've rarely wanted to do such evil things with a Disney Princess.
Ginger Rayle, performing before an audience for the first (and second) time, did a "Porgy & Bess" tribute to Billie Holiday's "Summertime" and danced to the Centurians' "Bullwinkle Part II" from "Pulp Fiction". both routines were well-choreographed and well performed.
Miss Chevious made my geeky little heart sing by dancing with very nice costuming to both "Keneda" from the "Akira" soundtrack (complete with very phallic laser rifle) and to the "Clockwork Orange Mix" as a very voluptuous naughty droog - complete with a little bit of "Singing in the Rain" at the very end. she loved her music and it showed, as did her enjoyment of performing.
Andrea von Frankenstein hit all perfect burlesque notes dancing to Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme". she also had absolutely beautiful legs and used them to delightful effect. i wish she'd performed a second routine.
Googhee Gomez was stunning in her "Tribute to Etta James" - lovely woman, beautiful costume and choreography, nice comedy and great use of props. another that i wished would've performed twice.
Pystol Whips danced as Pippi Longstocking to the "Pippi Longstocking Theme" and it was perversely wonderful. i'd never thought of Pippi that way before and now i'm pretty sure i'll never look at her any other way. very cute and charming.

there was a pretty good crowd there, almost filling the (relatively small) venue, including a loud and vocal contingent of Enthusiastic Lesbian Stripping Fans. :D
it was a great night, a lot of fun and, as with most live performances, was a wonderful revelation compared to the pale imitation that is filmed burlesque. i look forward to seeing more.
Dorris' phone interview today went well, we're in waiting mode, she'll be flying back in tomorrow. we remain 'optimistic'.

"Battle Royale" on DVD - wow... i enjoyed it a lot, so much so that i've ordered the book because i crave more of the back story. recommended.

"Battle Royale II" on DVD - uh, not so much. some really stupid writing, at least one "so-over-the-top-performance-that-i-cringed-watching-it", and a lot of shit that just didn't make any kind of sense at all. 20 minutes in, i gave it up as a lost cause and pulled the disc.

"Land of the Lost" on BluRay - aside from the fact that i feel Will Ferrell is, most days, a festering abcess on the ball-sack of humanity, i thought to myself "How bad can this be?". 7 minutes. that's how bad folks, 7 goddamn minutes and i could not watch another second.

there you have it, back to your regularly scheduled thursday afternoon.
But I just couldn't ignore it anymore, so now, like so many others, I'm forced to share

most definitely NSFW

Gary Kurtz on why "Star Wars" went down the tubes...
which was pretty much what i'd expected...

more discussion on why the google-verizon proposal should be shouted down:

and an alternative view of the google-verizon proposal:

a rather dense examination of the possibility of an afterlife, among other things:

even more on the new "Bioshock" game:

for those of us who are Dawn of War/Dawn of War II fans, the following is a "Happy Happy Joy Joy" announcement:

It's time for WAAAAAAAUGH!

"Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld - take German/Austro-Hungarian walking war machines, add British/French/Russian Victorian genetic splicing that creates animal hybrid war machines, mix in a young prince in danger from his own people after his father and mother are killed (which starts World War One), and a Scottish girl pretending to be a boy so she can be a midshipman in the British Air Corps and you've got a lovely Steampunk YA novel that i recommend unreservedly - with absolutely beautiful b&w illustrations to boot! go buy it, read it.

some good points made in an article on

note what music i'm listening to... a Stevie Ray Vaughn cut I never knew existed... that automatically makes it a good damn day. add that it's SRV & Dick Dale and the Del-Tones - bonus points! add that it's "Pipeline" - we are into serious Extra Special Orgasm-Making Bonus Sparklies Complete With Cookies And Ice Cream!
Hell, only thing that could make it better would be if my wife got a job today...
jim000037: (Default)
( Aug. 18th, 2010 12:06 am)
at 2 PM USCST today, Dorris has her face-to-face interview with the CEO in Jonesboro. i get the feeling this is pretty much the 'make-or-break' as far as the job is concerned, even though she has a phone interview with someone else, lower in the chain, tomorrow.
please keep the good vibes a-thrummin'

thank you.
jim000037: (Default)
( Aug. 16th, 2010 09:32 pm)
for fans of the "Bioshock" series of games...

watched Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" tonight, liked it a lot. recommended for those who like animated musical fairytales.

color me incredibly surprised that J.J.-Fuckin'-Ricaza went out like he did on the season finale of "Top Shot". at the end, being me, i expected the winner and host to pull out their dicks and masturbate, spewing pure testosterone on each other and was happy to be wrong.

"The Expendables" in theaters - was up Way Too Early to catch this at 11:05 this morning... now here, whoa, talk about your testosterone spewage! pure, chunky, big dick action porn overload. (of course, bangbangboomboomwhee!) this film gave me exactly what i expected, and a little more. i was not expecting some of the minor story points, and was pleasantly surprised. if you're into action porn, here ya go.

so i'm working on a western story, just to stretch my mental legs, and i have a carnival in it, i want to make a coded reference to Cooger and Dark's Pandemonium Carnival, from "Something Wicked This Way Comes", so i decide to use the last names of the actors who portrayed Mr. Cooger and Mr. Dark - Fischer and Pryce. yeah... Fisher-Price... some days, the universe has a perverse sense of humor.

in today's mail, some military museum wanting a donation sent me a little booklet for me to pass on to a member of our country's military. it was a copy of Patton's address to the 3rd Army on June 5th, 1944 - you know a greatly abbreviated form of said speech if you've ever seen or heard the opening of the film "Patton". i was pleased i was going to get to read the whole thing... until i realized it had been edited for language. now they were real clear about showing where they'd edited the language, but edit it they had...
and that's a goddamned obscenity.
so here it is for those of you who might wish to peruse it in its unexpurgated form )
i'm really thinking of writing them a letter and telling them exactly what i think of their editing job...
and i think this speech makes a very valid observation on the wisdom of outsourcing any part of the non-combat positions to the private sector. after reading this i think i can safely say that George would've wanted to shoot whoever suggested it or supported it.

the text of the letter i'm sending to the George Patton Museum )
damn, i'm getting crotchety in my old age...
Courtesy of "Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse":

Connecticut's For F**king )

Well, Virginia says they're for Lovers... I guess you just hold hands until you get to Connecticut.
"Suicide Bomber" by Tripod

They used dogs on me
They used blindfolds
They embarrassed me in the nude
They gave shocks to me with electrodes
They deprived me of my food

They paraded me round the prison
Chained up to other men
And with every task,
One question they asked
Over and over and over again, they said…

“Aren’t you the suicide bomber
Who blew up the bus last year?”
I say, “No,” they say, “Yes,”
I say, “You’re not thinking it through,”
But they went off and thought up some new things to doooooo

So they soaked me with cold water
And they left me there overnight
They put outlandish costumes upon me
And took photographs of my plight

They accused me of brutal behaviour
Whilst they kicked me in the balls
And with every task,
One question they asked
Echoing off of the cold prison walls, they said…

“Aren’t you the suicide bomber
Who blew up the bus last year?”
I said, “No,” they punched me,
I said, “Think logically,”
And they said, “You think logically!”
And I said, “What?”

Psychological torture
Has cleared things right up for me
There’s one thing I know,
When they let me go,
I will be the man that they want me to be

Yes, I’ll be the suicide bomber
I’ll blow up a bus one day
And so will my son
And his son after that
And then some poor new guy
Will sit where I sat
And he will be forced to wear poo for a hat
And so on and so fucking forth,
Dorris will be flying/driving to Jonesboro on Tuesday of next week, has a face-to-face interview on Wednesday with a follow-up phone interview, while she's still in Jonesboro, the following day, and will be driving/flying back on Friday. (Jonesboro has no big city airport, so she's flying into Little Rock and taking a rental car.
I wondered why she wasn't driving our car, to be told that the company is paying for her to come up for the interview and it's cheaper if she flies and rents a car.
So yeah, we're Very Hopeful.
That's the good news...

The Depressing News...
The Luxor in Las Vegas, the resort where we experienced the glory that is the Blue Man Group has replaced them with...

wait for it...

prepare to be horrified...

CARROT TOP!?!??!?!?!?!?
Come the fuck on, you don't replace BMG with Carrot-fucking-Top! That's sacrilege, heresy, blasphemy and just downright dumb.

Fucking Carrot Top...
u-shaped chair, no back, supported by crossed legs, medieval if i'm remembering correctly... what the fug are they called?
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( Jul. 28th, 2010 09:34 am)

Zach Snyder, a character's unfettered imagination, most genres you can think of pressed together into one lovely pile of action porn juju?
imagine my joy! :)

a bit of background. monday last week Dorris spent an hour and fifty minutes in a phone interview with the VP of HR at a place in Jonesboro, Arkansas
wednesday was about an hour and twenty phone interview with the head of their IT dept.
tomorrow, tuesday, it's another phone interview with their Director of Operations.
so we're past 'cautiously hopeful' and into 'hopeful'... although i dread the logistics of moving anywhere...
now, on with the insanity.
as a former Baptist, i love this kind of shit...

'babtists' just get all kinds of stupid sometimes...